Mt Carmel Cemetery Association ( Mt. Carmel ) Burial Records
as of Sunday July 21, 2024

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        Bessie S Schiff Nelson Batya bat Mordechai Mendel HaCohen 1883 - 11/16/1960 Main TBD
        Dora Nelson Devorah bat Yosef Tzvi 1913 - 10/19/1947 Main 7 headstone image one
        Joseph Hirsh Nelson Yosef Tzvi ben Avraham Michael 15 Aug 1876 - 11/26/1963 Main 107
        Rose Nelson Rakhel b. Yosef Hyrsh 13-Feb-16 - 1-Aug-90 Main 8 headstone image one
        Leonard Nemon - Main C180
        Nancy Nemon - Main C-180