Mt Sinai Cemetery Association ( Mt. Sinai ) Burial Records
as of Saturday December 02, 2023

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        Samuel Yanowitz Yachanovitz Shmuel Bar Moshe Yanowitz - H H150-F2 headstone image one
        Sarah Yanowitz Yachanovitz Sarah bar Shmuel Yachanowitz 1867 - H H50-F2 headstone image one
        Phinehas / Philip Yachnowitz Pinchas ben Moshe 1908 - 6/25/1926 G 040-S headstone image one
        Ethel Greene Young 5/28/1923 - 8/15/2008 A 060 headstone image one -- two
        Jacob I Young Yaacov Josef ben Yitzchak Izik abt 1895 - 3/09/1945 F F60-F2 headstone image one -- two
        Jennie / Janie Young Shainah bas Shimone 9/15/1895 - 1/22/1979 A A58/A58a/A59/A59a-F4 headstone image one
        Lawrence Young Label Lazor ben Yaacov Yosef 1/19/1917 - 6/11/1978 A A60/A60a/A61/A61a-F4 headstone image one -- two