Old Country Immigrants from Skowhegan

        Harry Cohen Russia abt 1890 - 3/09/1981
        Ida Cohen Russia - 4/25/1986
        Nathan Wolf Kukes / Kookis Cohen Nochem Kukes - August 11, 1944
        Rachel Kukes Cohen Haradok, Vilna Guberneh (Vilnius, Lithuania) Axelrod - June 1932
        Harry Cohen Coyne Russia abt 1890 -
        Celia Goldberg Russia abt 1870 -
        Celia Goldberg Poland abt 1892 -
        Jacob Goldberg Russia abt 1870 -
        Jacob S "Jake" Goldberg Russia Yaakov Shimon bar Eliezer 1878 - Mt Sinai H H115/H116-F2 headstone image one
        Esther N / Esta Cohen Lipman Russia 1886 - 9/24/1978 BethElMemPark C C075-2 headstone image one
        Samuel Lipman Russia -
        Manya / Mamie Simkin Russakoff Chenigor?, Russia abt 1887 - 1/1/47
        Sarah Russakoff Chenigor? Russia abt 1855 -

NB : A listing under Russia does not mean that the immigrant lived in Russia proper, as this was outside the Pale of Settlement. It simply could mean that the immigrant was not specific with a census taker or that the census taker was not interested in knowing the exact region within the Pale.

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