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Maine Jewish Businesses - by Location from Lewiston Auburn area

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so, what is the definition of a Jewish business ?
DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers>
City Business Name Years Known to Operate (Year ended) Sector
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Advance Auto 1940s - on-going retail auto
Cancellation Shoe Court Street 1950's retail shoe store
Crystal Spring Bottling Company 29 Brickyard Circle 1909 originally bottled soda
Falcon Rule 1950s-1960s
Flock Buick Co 1959 retail auto
Geiger Brothers, Maine advertizing
Goodkowsky Brothers 1911
Goodman Wiper & Paper 120 Mill St. Industrial wiping materials, janitorial supplies, paper products
Isaac Miller & Company Miller Street 1905-1968 Scrap irion, metals, paper, and rags. i.e. Junk Business
Lown Shoes Inc shoe manufacturing
Panther Mocassin Raildoad St Shoe Manufacturing
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co (Auburn)
Pilgrim Shoe Co. 1926
Pioneer Plastic Hampshire Street Sold Plastic laminate (Formica) firsts and remnants
Progressive Bakery 8 South Main St 1955 bakery
Shapiro Bros Shoe Co Inc 1955 manufacturers of smart shoes for women
Twin City Tire Co
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Alpert's Antiques Lisbon St. 1970's retail antique shop
Barefoot Trader Lisbon St. retail
Berman and Simmons law firm
Bernie's Fashions 41 Lisbon St. Mens clothing
Brann & Isaacson 133 Lisbon t 1955
Brann and Isaacson on - going
Brass Rail 1950s-1960s mens clothing
Edward's Clothing 1950s-1960s mens clothing
Etc. Shop 1950s-1960s gift shop
Family Footwear 1950s-1960s shoes
Gilmour's Paint and Wallpaper Main St. 1950s-1960s paint and wallpaper
Gordon's Restaurant & Delicatessen 187 Main Street 27 Restaurant and Delicatessen
Gordon;s Delicatessan Main St Restaurant/Delicatessan
Harry Kominsky's Confectionary Shop 1950s-1960s candy
Highland Mineral Spring Water Lewiston 1892
I D Weiner Parlor Bus 1950s-1960s taxis and buses
International House 1950s-1960s gifts/dolls
J Friedman & Co 17 Lisbon ST 1872
Jason's Gift Shop 1950s-1960s giftware
Leonard's Shoe Store 1950s-1960s shoes
Lewiston Hardward & Plumbing Supply Co 71 Lisbon St 1955 hardware
Louie's Clothing and Shoe Store 281 Lisbon Street 1930 Mens clothing and footwear
M. Winner & Co. Holland St Junk Dealer
Puritan Clothing Store Lisbon Street 1910 Retail clothing
Restaurant on Main St Lewiston LA 1977
Ritz Theater 1950s-1960s movie theater
Sanitary Market Lisbon 2011 - 2013 Market
Shapiro's Pawn Shop 1950s-1960s pawn shop
Shapiro\'s Real Estate
Skelton, Taintor and Abbott, PA
Skolnick Brothers 1950s-1960s mens and ladies clothing Julius/Kalman Skolnick (brothers)
Style Clothing Company 316 Lisbon Street 1927-1983
Tarr's Market 1910s - early 1930s grocery
The Blue Store 1886 - 1930
The Mirror 2003
Value House 1950s-1960s dept store hard goods
Ward Bros Lisbon St Women's clothing
Wise Pawn Shop 1950s-1960s pawn shop
Youth Center 1950s-1960s clothing for children
[Britva gift shop] 1950s-1960s gift shop
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Lewiston or Auburn
Barnstone-Osgood Jewelry Store 2011 jewelry
Bates Manufacturing 1997
Boston Shoe Store 2011 shoe
Brownstein's Clothing Store 2011 Mens Clothing and Shoes
Carrol\'s Cut Rrate 2011 retail pharamacy
Cut Price Market 2011 retail food
Day's Jewelry and Appliance Store 2011 jewelry and appliances
Five and Dime 2011 general store
Food Town 2011 retail food
Gordon's Hobby House 2011
Miller/'s 2011
New England Furniture 2011 furniture
Shapiro Brothers 2011
Star Millinery 2011
The Sharlane Store 1997
Ward Brothers 2011 retail clothing
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M Brosonstern Lisbon St
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Lewiston,
A H Benoits Co
Aaron Berman & Co. 2002
Air-Tread Shoe Corp
Almost New Shop
American Furniture Co
Auburn Wood Heel Co
B Peck Co
Barker Mill 2003
Benson & Sullivan Co 1955
Bond's Men's Store 1955
Boston Furniture 1955
C.F. Brown & Co. 2003
Central Auction Room 1955
Cotrell's Inc 1955
Ehrenfried's Department Store Lewiston-Auburn 1936
Ernest M Shapiro & Co 1955
Excel Inc 1955
Finance Co -- Norway 1955
First National Tire Co 1955
Fortier's Bakery 1955
Goldburg & Segal 2003
Greenberg Bros. 2002
Harding Auto Sales 1955
Harris M. Isaacson Law Offices (duplicate) LA 1922
Herb's Variety Store 1955
L.E. Brown & Co. 2003
Leonard's Upholstery 1955
Lewiston-Auburn Harward [sic] Company LA 1977
Lown Wood Heel Co 1955
M Alpern 1955
Maine Land Farms 1955
Maine Shoes Inc 1955
Max Miller & Co 1955
McDonald Hill co 1955
Mendelson Bros. 2003
Miller & Welch 2003
Mills Advertise 1955
Minnie Halperin 1955
Myer Canter Footwear 1955
National Tailor Co 1955
New England home Equipment 1955
New Method Cleaners 1955
North American Co 1955
NY Pawn & Loan Co 1955
Paper Box Factory 1955
Perry's Clothing 1955
Persky's Market 1955
Pick Furriers 1955
Polep Candy Co 1955
Prospect Electric Co 1955
Riverside Market 1955
Rock Maple Wood Heel Co 1955
S. A Isaacson & Co. 2002
Samson Furniture Co 1955
Sanitary Market 1955 Food Store Became the Food Town supermarkets in Lewiston & Auburn & Rumford
Sharlaine Products 1955
Shiffer's Market 1955
Singer Realty co 1955
Stanwood Company 2002
Stein & Co 1955
Stewart Men's Clothings 1955
Structual Steel 1955
Supovitz Bros (clothing) 1955
The Scolnik Co 1955
The Women's Shop 1955
Twin City Beverage 1955
Union Sq Taxi Co 1955
Union Sq Travel 1955
Wilfred Goodman Co 1955
Zellen's Men's Shop 1955

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