Members of the Armed Forces
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Aroostook County
        1st Lt - pilot
Abraham M "Abe" Daniels z"l  US Marine Corps World War II \\\"awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism and extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight, in actions against enemy Japanese forces in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II.\\\"  Diana Lee Daniels Thompson (email Nov 2013)
        Russian army
Solomon Kadish "Sam" Greenblatt z"l     Fred Weinberg (2013)
        US Air Force Owen (Sonny) Greenblatt retired   Cara Davis
        US Army Edward Barrett "Veni" Cogan 1939 glider pilot and warrant officer   NathanCoganBathHistory
        corporal - Marine Corp
Meyer Leo / Myer Leo Davis   four years  WWI draft registration card
Greater Augusta
        Military branch not known
Rubin BLACK z"l   1st SERG   JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Philip DACHSLAGER z"l   CAPT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Jacob B DANA z"l   COL  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Leon FINKELSTEIN z"l   CW0  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Davies Harold Katz z"l   CORP  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Israel KEMINSKY z"l   no grade listed  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Joseph B KIEL z"l   CPT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Hyman KRASOW z"l   CPL  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Robert Joseph LEVIN z"l   AO2  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Lewis I NAIMAN z"l   no grade listed  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Harry M NAIMAN z"l   no grade listed  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Eugene N SOSNOFF z"l    PFC  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Julius G SUSSMAN z"l   SEA2  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Freda Trachtenberg z"l   no grade listed  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Vinton Wesley WALLACE z"l   CLP  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
William Weisberger z"l   1st LT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
        US Air Force Marvin C CHAIKEN z"l US Air Force USAAF- TSGT   JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Charles Edwin HARDY z"l  US Air Force USAAF-SSGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Bennett D Katz z"l  US Air Force USAAF-Major  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Harvey S NASECK z"l  US Air Force USAF- A1C  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
        US Army Seymour BLACK z"l US Army TEC5   JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Lenlie E CARTER z"l  US Army TEC 5  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Judah Ariel GATLING z"l  US Army PFC  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Joan C GOLDEN z"l  US Army TEC 3  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Howard GOLDSTEIN z"l  US Army TEC 5  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Melvin I GOTHA z"l  US Army S/SGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Louis S HORNSTEIN z"l  US Army SGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
John LEVINSKY z"l  US Army SGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Henry LEVY z"l  US Army SSGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Alfred R MANDELL z"l  US Army TEC 5  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Hyman MARX z"l  US Army PFC  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Stanley MILLER z"l  US Army SGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
William NASECK z"l  US Army TEC 3  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Bertram G NEWMAN z"l  US Army TEC5  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Bernard Reiner z"l  US Army PFC  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Vernon L or S SEGAL z"l  US Army S SGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Stewart S SHULMAN z"l  US Army SSGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Howard S SLOSBERG z"l  US Army SGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Phillip W Sr SMALL z"l  US Army PFC  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Richard L (now 30427) WINNER z"l  US Army SSG  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
        US Marine Corp Morton D Kaplan z"l US Marine Corps USMC-PFC   JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Terry D LANYI z"l  US Marine Corps USMC-SGT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Harold LEIBOWITZ z"l  US Marine Corps USMM  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Eugene PARKER z"l  US Coast Guard USCG - HA1  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
        US Navy Leonard M Dansky z"l US Navy USN-SK3   JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Leon H GAYNOR z"l  US Navy USN- PHM1  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Joseph F LEGER z"l  US Navy USN-MCPO  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Lester MARCUS z"l  US Navy USN-PHM2C  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Greater Bangor
        First LT in WWII
Israel Sydney Laeger  US Army 2007   Israel Sydney Laeger -- Obituary
        Lieutenant Colonel Albert H Friedman US Army    Julia Sterling (2014)
        LTJG, USNR Jerry Gotlieb US Navy 1961 to 1967    Jerry Gotlieb (2018)
        Major General Roland M Gleszer z"l US Army    Jordan Alpert (2013)
Greater Portland
        naval officer
Benjamin "Ben" Yormack z"l     Charles Brand
        US Army - staff sargent Irving Lourie z"l United States Army World War II    Ava Bradley Lourie
Greater Waterville
        Military branch not known
Stanley C BECKERMAN z"l   CAPT  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Lewiston Auburn area
        military WWI
Jules Matthew "Jay" Rosenberg z"l     Donald Day Rosenberg family tree
        US Army Harman / Harmon Butler US Army 1955    1955 Zelch
William PICK z"l  US Army PFC  JewishGen : MaineVetsMemCemetery
Arthur Shephard   1955   1955 Zelch
Mickey Weiner  US Army 1955   1955 Zelch
        US Marine Corp Donald Day Rosenberg 1955    1955 Zelch
        US Military Richard Winner z"l   
state-wide Maine
Louis Samuel Lane z"l   "died in WWII fighting in a S. Pacific island"  1930PortlandCityDirectory
        Brigadier General
Bernard S Waterman z"l     Philip Lown biography in Risen, Jewels of Maine
New York
Seymour Levine   1944 stationed at Fort Baldwin, Popham  NathanCoganBathHistory

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