Professors, teachers, and educational personnel

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Years shown are ones which the person was known to be engaged in that industry.
Occupational titles are as provided by the source; odd-sounding titles are most likely those recorded by census takers.

3rd Grade Teacher
     Greater Portland
Cynthia "Cindy" Lerman z"l  Lunt Elementary School   Sherri Quint (2018)
Adjunct Instructor, Math & Stat
     Lewiston Auburn area
Irwin Shiffer  Rutgers University 1985-2005   Irwin Shiffer (2020)
Adjunct Professor
George S Isaacson  Bowdoin College 2010 - 2014 Department of Political Science  Interview with George and Margaret Isaacson (Mitchell Collection, Bowdoin)
Administrative Director
     Greater Portland
Jodi Veysey  Temple Beth El 2011 - 2013   TBE Shofar SeptOct2011
Assistant University Counsel
Jeff Thaler  University of Southern Maine to date (2015)   UMaine Law website (2015)
Associate Professor of History
     Cumberland County
(excluding Greater Portland)
Susan Tannenbaum  Bowdoin College   Bowdoin website (2015)
Athletic Director
     York County
(excluding Greater Biddeford, OOB, and Sanford-Springvale)
Marcia M Rosen z"l  Mu Sigma Fraternity - Alpha Omega Chapter 1954   MuSigma1954DanceBook
child and family therapist, taught infant development, nursery school teacher and director
     New York
Dorothy Gross z"l  Bank St College of Education 1956-85   Judith Weisman (2013)
college student
     Greater Bangor
Lawrence Mark Cutler   1930   1930USFederalCensus 82-9 : ColbyStudentsSummer2011
     Old Town - Orono
Harold Cutler   1930   1930USFederalCensus 82-10 : ColbyStudentsSummer2011
dancing teacher
     Lewiston Auburn area
Benjamin "Benny" Isaacson z"l   1916   son Calvin - birth certificate
Director of Alternative Ed. & Summer Camp Director
     Greater Portland
Naomi Simonds  Catskill Central Schools 1983-1990   Naomi Weiner (2015)
Director of Child Care
     state-wide Maine
Helene Sky z"l  University of Souther Maine   Sherri Quint (2018)
Education Director
     Greater Portland
Avis E Smith  Temple Beth El 2005 - 2007   TBE Shofar Nov 2005
Educator and Writer, Dean
Myra Sadker z"l  American University   michael herzlich (2016)
Elocution teacher
Birdie S Judelshon z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Engineering Faculty
Isadore K Silverman z"l  University of Colorado 1963 to 1970   Sherri Quint (2018)
English Professor
Stephen Halpert     Kate Lowry (2020)
English Teacher
Stephen Halpert  Deering High School   Kate Lowry (2020)
Frank G Millard Professor from Practice
Robert E Hirshon  University of Michigan 2012 - to date   email Aug 2013
Hebrew school teacher
     Greater Bangor
Solomon Harris  Hebrew Free School 1920 Pioneer of Jewish education  CBI Centennial History_2 of 4
     Greater Biddeford
Max Cohen   1920   1920FedCensusBiddeford
Louis Raliminot   1930   1930FedCensusBiddeford
     Greater Portland
Louis (Mrs) Berenson  Hebrew School 1946   Portland Hebrew School commencement program
[first name not known] Duffy  Portland Hebrew Day School 1955   Portland Hebrew Day School
Harry Simansky z"l  Hebrew School 1946   Portland Hebrew School commencement Press Herald_1
Hebrew School teacher
     Lewiston Auburn area
Charles Vogel   1955   1955 Zelch
Hebrew school teacher
Louis Weis  Congregation Beth Abraham 1960   Lewiston/Auburn Hebrew School Graduates
Paul Shulman z"l   1930   1930USFedCensus
Instructions Staff
     Greater Portland
Isadore K Silverman z"l  MIT 1929 to 1933   Sherri Quint (2018)
Albert ("Jim") Abrahamson z"l   1930 college  1930 US Fed Census Brunswick
Latin teacher
Esther Clenott z"l  Lincoln Jr High School   obituary
Esther Clenott z"l  Point Loma High School   obituary
     Greater Bangor
Roger Levenson z"l  University of California at Berkeley   Jordan Alpert (2013)
     Greater Portland
David Micahl Blumenthal  Northeastern University   David M. Blumenthal (2019)
     Greater Waterville
Arthur B Wein  Harvard University 1997   Hyman Norkin biography in Risen, Jewels of Maine
Mathematical Statistician
     Lewiston Auburn area
Irwin Shiffer  Food & Drug Administration 1978-1981   Irwin Shiffer (2020)
music teacher
     Greater Portland
Sadie Albling   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Birdie T Cohen   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Sidney "Syd" Lerman z"l     Charles Brand
music teacher and band leader
Harry Jacob Cohen z"l  St Stephens High School   Stephen Harry Cohen (on-line comment)
     Greater Portland
Herman T Lewis z"l  Golden School of Beauty Culture   Stephen Lewis
Piano Teacher
     Lewiston Auburn area
Goldie Bloom   1936   1936 Abromson
Abe Sachar  Brandeis University 1950 not a Mainer  Camp Lown : Abe Sachar and Four Men
Abram Sachar  Brandeis University 1955 President, Brandeis University  Tenth Anniversay article on Camp Lown in the Jewish Advocate
     Greater Bangor
Nathan Fish  Bangor Hebrew School 1947   Bangor Hebrew School Fortieth Anniversary 1907-1947
     Greater Portland
Harris L Selig  Hebrew School 1955   Ben Band, Portland Jewry: Chapter VI Shaarey Tphiloh and Beyond (pgs 24-31)
Private school teacher teacher
     Lewiston Auburn area
Pearl Metzger   1930   1930USFedCensus
David ZIBLATT   since 1964   NathanCoganBathHistory
Cedric Minkin     Ronnie Riceberg
     Greater Bangor
Abraham Kern     father\'s obituary
Morton Sclair  Erie Community College 1972-2000   Morton Sclair (2014)
     Greater Portland
Albert ("Jim") Abrahamson z"l  Bowdoin College 1930s - 1940s   The Universal Jewish Encyclopeida - on-line
Joseph Chandler z"l  USM School of Business 1900   Joseph and Marjorie Chandler Book Collection
Eric Mack z"l  University of Houston - Pharmacy   Sherri Quint (2018)
     Lewiston Auburn area
Arthur M Freedman  Bates College 1955   1955 Zelch
Herman Epstein z"l  Brandeis University 1953-1990 Biology Department  Karen Epstein (2015)
Julius Byron Levine z"l  Boston University School of Law Professor for over 30 years  Sherri Quint (2018)
Alan M. Friedman  Purdue 1995-2022   Alan Friedman
Professor of Bible
     Greater Augusta
David Aaron  Hebrew Union College (HUC) 2012   Rabbi Sue Carvutto - email of Feb 2012
Professor of Economics & Chair of Department
     Greater Portland
Peter Aranson z"l  Emory University 1990 - 1998   on-line obituary
Professor of education
     Greater Waterville
Harold A Jacobson z"l  Colby College   eric jacobson (2014)
Professor of English
Nathan Franklin Cogan  Portland State University   Portland State University website
Aliki Dora Barnstone  University of Missouri 2007 to the present   Aliki Barnstone (2014)
Professor of Pharmacy
     Greater Portland
Eric Mack z"l  Loma Linda University   Sherri Quint (2018)
Eric Mack z"l  University of California at Sacramento   Sherri Quint (2018)
Professor of Physics
Robert Jaffe  MIT 1972-   Stephen Jaffe (2015)
Alan Nathan  University of Illinois 1977-present   Alan Nathan (2014)
Professor of Psychology, Director, Institute for Life-Span Development and Gerontology, The University of Akron, Research Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University
     Greater Waterville
Harvey Sterns   1971 to present   Harvey L Sterns (2016)
Professor of Sociologist
Ida Simone Hoos z"l  University of California 1959 - 1982   NYT obituary
Public school teacher
Mary Brown Marston z"l   1930   1930 US Fed Census Bath
Bessie F Singer z"l   1930   1930 US Fed Census Bath
     Greater Augusta
Dorothy Bader z"l  The Stevens Schools for Girls - Hallowell 2012   Dorothy Bader Obituary
Dorothy Bader z"l  Augusta public school 2012   Dorothy Bader Obituary
Jeannette (Miss) Selbing  Nash school 1913/1914   AugustaRegisters1913/1914
Louise (Miss) Selbing  Nash school 1913/1914   AugustaRegisters1913/1914
     Greater Bangor
Pauline Coen   1935   HainesMarriageRecords
Abraham "Abe" Segal  Bangor Hebrew School 1947   Bangor Hebrew School Fortieth Anniversary 1907-1947
     Greater Biddeford
Hazel Goldtz   1930   1930FedCensusBiddeford
Fay / Faye Simensky z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
     Greater Portland
Israel Moses Block   1902   1902 Portland City Directory
Earl Nathan Brand z"l   grade school  ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert
Isaac Emanuel z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Melvin \"Mel\" Finberg  North School 2015   "Times Were Different", transcript of interview with Mel Fineberg
Bertha / Betta Murinson z"l   1935   Elowitch family tree 2004 - 1935 PCD
Larry Jay Murinson z"l     Elowitch family tree 2004
Etta Press   1920   1920 US Fed Census - Saco
Pat Reef     Minerva : Maine Historical Society
     Greater Rockland
Grace Eveline Davis   1920 school  1920 US Fed Census Rockland
     Greater Waterville
Belva Lydia Davidoff z"l   NYC  ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert
Eva Rosenthal z"l   1930   1930USFederalMECensus, pg 3B
     Lewiston Auburn area
Dorothy Baron   1936   1936 Abromson
Helen S Bean z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Stella Bloom   1930   1930USFedCensus
Betty Friedler   1955   1955 Zelch
Liba / Libby Goldman   1930   1930USFedCensus
Liba / Libby Goldman   1936   1936 Abromson
Liba / Libby Goldman  Ward Bros 1955   1955 Zelch
Celia Gorevitz   1930   1930USFedCensus
Jeannette Gottesfeld   1936   1936 Abromson
Celia Guerwitz   1936   1936 Abromson
Dorothy Halperin   1936   1936 Abromson
Miriam Levin   1930   1930USFedCensus
Celia Levine z"l   1936   HainesMarriageRecords
Anna Miller   1930   1930USFedCensus
Lena Miller   1920   1920USFedCensus
Arnold Schuman  Congregation Beth Abraham 1960   Lewiston/Auburn Hebrew School Graduates
Bessie Scolnik z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Esther  Shapiro z"l  Farewell School 1955   1955 Zelch
Isadore Shapiro   1936   1936 Abromson
Annette L Singer z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Eleanor Syliva Supovitz   1936   1936 Abromson
Samuel Twersky   1936   1936 Abromson
Eugene Zelch   1955   1955 Zelch
Lillian Zelch z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
     Not Sure
Dauna Binder     Sam Elowitch (2016)
Martin J \"Marty\" Cohn  Porter High School 1961 -   Marty Cohn email Sept 2014
Martin J \"Marty\" Cohn  Rockland High School 1963-1967   Marty Cohn email Sept 2014
Public school teacher - high school
     Aroostook County
Nathan Epstein   1930   1930 US Federal Census - Aroostook
     Lewiston Auburn area
[FirstNameBeginsWith B] Leigal?   1930   1930USFedCensus
[FirstNameBeginsWith B] Leigal?   1930   1930USFedCensus
Carrie/Carry Mendelson z"l   1920   1920LewistonCensus
Public school teacher and coach
Isadore / Isidor "Izzy" Shapiro z"l  Lewiston High School 1955   1955 Zelch
School District Administrator
Linwood N Fleischer     Linwood Fleischer (2013)
     York County
(excluding Greater Biddeford, OOB, and Sanford-Springvale)
Jack Mayer Lachman z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert
School janitor
     Greater Portland
Morris Crasnick z"l   1930   1930 Portland City Directory / 1920 FederalCensus
School principal
Philip / Farvel Gerber z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
School superintendent
Armand E Cyr  Roman Catholic Portland Diocese 1958   Institute on Judaism for Clergy - Photo
Science Department Head
Stephanie Stern  Portland High School, Maine   Email Stephani Stern (June 2018)
Sec. Counselor & Director of Counseling
Naomi Simonds  Mamaroneck Schools/Catskill Central Schools 1977 - 2007   Naomi Weiner (2015)
Spanish Professor
     Greater Calais
Henry Holland z"l     Amy Waterman
substitue teacher - Auburn
     Lewiston Auburn area
Sarah Smalley   1955   1955 Zelch
Substitute Teacher
Frances Carvel z"l     Sherri Quint (2018)
     Greater Bangor
Irving Gluck  Bangor Hebrew Community Center 1950 circa   Joseph Rosenberg
Amanda Morin  Bangor - City of 1998-2003   Amanda Morin (2017)
     Greater Portland
Shirley Levine z"l  Hall School   Sherri Quint (2018)
Shirley Levine z"l     Sherri Quint (2018)
Stephanie Stern  Point Loma High School   Email Stephani Stern (June 2018)
Stuart M Stern  Maine Youth Center   Email Stephani Stern (June 2018)
     Greater Waterville
Florence M Wein   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Waterville
     Lewiston Auburn area
Selma Blatt z"l     Bates College Alumni Magazine
teacher - college
     Greater Bangor
Ada Silverman z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
teacher - common school
     Lewiston Auburn area
Lily / Lillian Berman   1920   1920LewistonCensus
teacher - elocution
Ida J Brownstone z"l   1920   1920LewistonCensus
teacher - music school
     Greater Biddeford
Silas / Salis Simensky   1930   1930FedCensusBiddeford
teacher - private school
     Greater Bangor
Jacob David Leavitt z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
teacher - public school
Nathan Epstein z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
Rita Rubin   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
Teacher - retired
     Greater Portland
David Finkelstein     joyce pulaski (2013)
teacher - school pub
     Greater Bangor
Lillian Levine   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
Simon Newton   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
teacher - training school
     Lewiston Auburn area
Esther F Canter z"l   1920   1920LewistonCensus
teacher home
     Aroostook County
Louis Etscovitz   1910   1910 Maine Fed Census - Aroostook
Teacher of foreign languages & American History
     Greater Portland
Benjamin Band z"l  Portland High School, Maine   Sherri Quint (2018)