Original DMJ Documents

(only includes documents and photographs which have a date .
see historical records/sources for all citations)

  • Newport
    • Ads for Slosbergs in Housekeepers Friend From the 1911 High Street Union Church, The Housekeepers Friend, a couple of ads, one for S. S. Slosberg, and his wife, who opened a millinary and finery store!: Harry Nelson ( circa 1911 ) -
    • Shapiros market Mel Boyle on left, with Howard Shapro , owner of the store on the corner of Main Street and Mill Street, later became Foster's, now the bottle redemption center. Check out all the wares for sale. Howard later opened the Tastee-Freeze out at Frog Pond Corn ( Feb-52 ) -
  • South Porltand
    • Bet Ha'am congregational profile. Coll. S-7041, Misc. Box 236/28  : Congregation Bet Ha'am in South Portland, Me. The congregation was founded in 1985 by a group of people looking for a Reform alternative to the existing Portland synagogues. ( ca 2000 ) -
  • Wiscasset

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