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Jewish Advocate -- Isadore R Golden and Katherine Greenberg wedding (Bangor) / guests staying with Mr and Mrs Sameul Levin (Bath)

1/22/1915 - ProQuest on-line

Click here if the pdf does not appear: Jewish Advocate -- 1915-01-22

Thank you to ProQuest / Jewish Advocate and Fred Weinberg for the article
Links to People:
    wedding party:  Isadore R   Golden   Katherine Greenberg   Golden  Rabbi   Shohet  ; Rev   Litz; A   Greenberg; A (Mrs)   Greenberg; Jack   Melincoff  ;

    participants in the wedding :   Lena  Greenberg ;       Lillian   Golden ;       Frances   Golden ;       Lena   Golden ;       Bessie   Crokett ;       Sam   Cutler ;       A I   Schwey ;       Samuel   Goldberg ;       Abe   Goldberg ;  

    Bath host and guests :     George   Wolf   ;     George (Mrs)   Wolf   ;     Dorothy   Wolf   ;     Zella   Levin   ;     Samuel   Levin   ;     Samuel (Mrs)   Levin   ;

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