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International B'nai B'rith Chapter #16 - membership list pg 2

31 March 1950 - Bangor Public Library

Thank you to Bangor Public Library for the photo
Links to People:
    :  Lizzie   Green  
Links to People:
    :  Lizzie   Green   Gussie   Green  Sadie   Green  Emily   Harris  Goldie   Harris  Janet   Hollander  Anne   Koven  Rebecca   Lander  Elizabeth   Mazer  ; Valerie   Moskowitz; Lillian   Moskowitz;

    :   Mae  Ross ;       Violet   Shur ;     Susan   Shalek   ;     Lena   Shalek ;       Edith   Silver ;       Leah   Simkovitz ;       Barbara   Strauss ;       Jennie   Takeff ;       Sylvia   Vinegar ;  

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