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With a little help from my friends : Jewish mutual assistance in nineteenth-century Maine" by David Freidenreich and Kristin Esdale

Nov 2016 (future MHS publication , circa 2020) - on line

Click here if the pdf does not appear: Maine peddlers by David Freidenreich and Kristin Esdale

Note: David M Freidenreich and Kristin Esdale
Links to People:
    first group:  Mary   Jones Abrams   Sussman   Abrams  first groupHasia   Diner  ; David   F; Mark   Gallert  Waterville Rebecca   Peavy Gallert  Waterville [daughter of Lewis and Rachel]   Kaufman  RocklandJoseph   Kaufman  RocklandLewis   Kaufman  RocklandRebecca   Kaufman  Rockland;

    second group :   [daugher of Jacob Peavy]   Peavy Meyers   Waterville / Lewiston ;   Morris N   Meyers   Lewiston ;     David L   Peavy ;       Isaac   Peavy ;   Waterville     Jacob   Peavy ;   Waterville     Louis   Peavy ;   Waterville     Augustus   Silber ;   Bangor     Hannah   Silber ;   Bangor     Moses   Silber ;   Bangor     Haiman Philip   Spitz ;   Spitz & Brother

    third group :     Henrietta   Spitz   ;     Peter   Spitz   ;     Julius   Waterman   Bangor ;     Rosa   Peavy Waterman   Bangor ;     Lee Shai   Weissbach   ;

    fourth group :   Gunst   Bache   Bangor ;   Isaac   Bache   Bangor ;   William   Engel   Waterville ;   William   Filene   Bath ;   Mark   Gallert   Waterville ;   Julius   Harris   Rockland / Bangor ;   Susill A   Isaacson   Lewiston ;   Benjamin   Kalish   Bucksport ;   William   Levine   Waterville ;   Henry   Meger   Bangor ;   Adam   Mendelsohn   ;   Albert   Myerson   Bangor ;

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