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Assembler , newsletter of Inter-Center Youth

1959 or 1960 - private collection

Click here if the pdf does not appear: Assembler - 1959/1960

Thank you to Marcia Berson Lieberman for the article
Links to People:
    :  Carol   Alpern  
Links to People:
    :  Harriet   Zade   Marlene   Baker  Joannie   Blatt  David   Cohen  Gene   Cohen  David   Cohen  Marsha   Emanuel  Lois   Finberg  Harriet   Flock  Tanya   Fogelsohn  ; Joe   Freidman; Stephanie   Gerber  Rhoda   Goldstein  Ronald   Grossman  Herb   Halperin  Alan   Heifetz  Norm   Kominsky  Marcia Berson   Lieberman  Barbara   Rolnick  Paula   Rolsky  Jane   Silver  Sheila   Striar  Linda   Winner  Harriet   Zade  ;
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