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Center Youth Takes Over the Jewish Community Center

circa 1965 - private collection

Thank you to Family of Dave Astor for the photo
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    seated  Chuck   Stone  left
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     Sue   Sheriff [LastNameNotKnown] front rowFrancine   Plavnick  2nd left; Jason   [LastNameNotKnown]  rightLibby   Modes  middle; to be indentifed     2nd rightSusan   Sherriff Goldsmith  2nd from rightSusan   Sherriff Goldsmith  2nd from right; to be indentifed     right;

    :   Brem Ben   back row ;

    standing :   Richard   Green ;   far left     Ben   Brem (?) ;   2nd left   Goodman Miles   back row ;   Kaplan Glen   back row ;     Kenny   Schilling ;   3rd left     Matthew   Clenott ;   right     Miles   Goodman ;   3rd right   to be indentifed   2nd right ;     Glen   Kaplan ;   2nd from right     Glen   Kaplan ;   2nd from right   to be indentifed   far right ;     Matthew   Clenott ;   right     Matthew   Clenott ;   right
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Carolyn Shapiro Davis on :
To the right of Libby Modes is Susan Sheriff
Judith Johnson on :
2nd to right is Glen Kaplan
Jessica Lantos on :
Back row right: Matthew Clenott