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1940 US Federal Census Data Biddeford and Biddeford Pool

Families with one East European immigrant

N B: Information on place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

Nameest birth yearbirth placemarital statusrelation to head of householdstreetoccupationindustryresidence in 1935 Highest Gradeweeks worked in 1939income
Samuel Cohen1875LithuaniaMHead12 Porter StSales ClerkRetail Fruit Storesamenone521360
Minnie Cohen1880LithuaniaMWife12 Porter St   none  
Charles Cohen1903LithuaniaSSon12 Porter StSales ClerkRetail Fruit Store High School, 1st year52624
Henry Cohen1905LithuaniaSSon12 Porter Stnot recordedRetail Clothing Store High School, 4th year52500
Anne Cohen1917LithuaniaSDaughter12 Porter StBookkeeperRetail Clothing Store High School, 4th year52208
Jane Walensky1888LithuaniaMHead91 Foss StreetProprietor SalesclerkRetail fruitsameElementary School, 3rd grade520
Leah Walensky1897RussiaMWife91 Foss StreetSaleswomanRetail fruit Elementary School,4th grade520
Julius Walensky1919MaineSSon91 Foss StreetSales ClerkRetail fruit High School, 3rdyear520
Menerva Walensky1926MaineSDaughter91 Foss Street   Elementary School, 8th grade  
David Baker1882LithuaniaMHead91 Foss StreetFruit PeddlerWholesale Fruit Co.sameElementary School, 2nd grade520
Sadie Baker1892LithuaniaMWife91 Foss Street   Elementary School, 2nd grade  
Julius Baker1920MaineSSon91 Foss StreetFruit PeddlerWholesale Fruit Co. High School, 3rdyear520
Rose Baker1923MaineSDaughter91 Foss Street   High School, 2nd year  
Lillian Baker1930MaineSDaughter91 Foss Street   Elementary School, 4th grade  
Benjamin S. Stern1886LithuaniaMHead8 Mt. VernonWindow CleaningProprietorsameHigh School, 4th yearnot recorded not recorded
Rose Stern1888RussiaMWife8 Mt. Vernon   High School, 4th year  
Joseph Sneider1890LithuaniaMHead76 Birch StreetProprietor Supervisorwholesale fruit & grocerysameElementary School, 7th grade42not recorded
Mollie Sneider1892LithuaniaMWife76 Birch Street   Elementary School, 7th grade  
Allen Sneider1915MaineSSon76 Birch StreetSalesmanwholesale fruit & grocery High School, 4th year46900
Philip Sneider1919MaineSSon76 Birch StreetSalesmanwholesale fruit & grocery High School, 4th year46700
Ida Sneider1924MaineSDaughter76 Birch Street   High School, 3rdyear  
Abraham Spill1885RussiaMHead11 Fall StreetProprietorjunk shopsamenone500
Ida Spill1888LithuaniaMWife11 Fall Street   none  
Thomas Sandler1896LithuaniaMHead129 Foss StreetFruit Padderretail fruitsameElementary School, 2nd grade520
Samuel Rosenberg1891LithuaniaMHead87 Pike StreetJunk Peddleron his ownsameElementary School, 8th grade520
Ethel Rosenberg1891LithuaniaMWife87 Pike Street   none  
Joseph Rosenberg1919MassachusettsSSon87 Pike StreetLaborermachine shop High School, 2nd year50689
Lillian Rosenberg1926MassachusettsSDaughter87 Pike Street   High School, 1st year  
Alexander Hoffman1891LithuaniaMHead29Poultry buyerwholesale poultry co.sameElementary School, 6th grade522080
Alice Hoffman1892LithuaniaMWife29   none  
Lillian Hoffman1912MaineSDaughter29Stenographershoe shop High School, 4th year31268
Celia Cohen1890RussiaWidHead53 Oak Street  samenone  
Beatrice Cohen1914MaineSDaughter53 Oak StreetOffice Managerbottling co. High School, 4th year260
Leon L. Cohen1915MaineSSon53 Oak StreetGen Managerbottling co. High School, 4th year520
Annette Cohen1917MaineSDaughter53 Oak StreetPrivate Stenoshoe shop High School, 4th year52800
Bernard Cohen1919MaineSSon53 Oak StreetLaborerbottling co. College, 3rd year12250
George Cohen1921MaineSSon53 Oak Street   High School, 3rd year  
Charlotte R. Cohen1923MaineSDaughter53 Oak Street   High School, 3rd year  
Lester M. Cohen1925MaineSSon53 Oak Street   High School, 1st year  
Isaac Zaitlin1882RussiaMHead70 Birch Street  samenone  
Mamie Zaitlin1881RussiaMWife70 Birch Street   none  
Ann Zaitlin1908MaineSDaughter70 Birch Street   High School, 2nd year  
Max Zaitlin1911MaineSSon70 Birch StreetLaborerjunk shop Elementary School, 8th grade520
Joseph Zaitlin1913MaineSSon70 Birch StreetLaborerjunk shop High School, 4th year520
Ethel Zaitlin1916MaineSDaughter70 Birch StreetSecretarylumber co. High School, 4th year521142
Bernard Weinstein1900PolandMHead127 Foss StreetSales Clerkretail clothingsameElementary School, 7th grade52919
Ronie Weinstein1908RussiaMWife127 Foss Street   Elementary School, 8th grade  
George Weinstein1927MassachusettsSSon127 Foss Street   Elementary School, 6th grade  
Beverly Weinstein1933MassachusettsSDaughter127 Foss Street   none  
Reubey Sneider1897RussiaMHead24 Oak StreetSalesmanWholesale ProducesameElementary School, 3rd grade520
Gertrude Sneider1900RussiaMWife24 Oak Street   Elementary School, 2nd grade  
Ethel Sneider1921MaineSDaughter24 Oak StreetNew Worker  High School, 2nd year00
Lillian Sneider1925MaineSDaughter24 Oak Street   High School, 2nd year  
Annie Sneider1929MaineSDaughter24 Oak Street   Elementary School, 4th grade  
Gerald H. Sneider1933MaineSSon24 Oak Street   Elementary School, 2nd grade  
Esidore Shapiro1897RussiaMHead82 May StreetProprietorFilling StationsameElementary School, 8th grade520
Sarah Shapiro1898RussiaMWife82 May Street   Elementary School, 5th grade00
Bernard Shapiro1918MassachusettsSSon82 May StreetAttendantGasoline Filling Station High School, 4th year52950
Pearl Shapiro1923MaineSDaughter82 May Street   High School, 4th year  
Arnold Shapiro1932MaineSSon82 May Street   Elementary School, 2nd grade  
Myer Simensky1887RussiaMHead44 Porter StreetClothing Store Store KeeperProprietorsameElementary School, 8th grade00
Stella Simensky1890RussiaMWife44 Porter Street   Elementary School, 8th grade  
Betty Simensky1912MaineSDaughter44 Porter StreetSales girlClothing Store College, 1st year52400
Arthur Simensky1928MaineSSon44 Porter Street   Elementary School, 5th grade  
Jack Simensky1930MaineSSon44 Porter Street   Elementary School, 3rd grade  
Lawrence Simensky1930MaineSSon44 Porter Street   Elementary School, 3rd grade  
Louis Shatz1894PolandMHead8 Pool StreetJunk PedlerPedlingsamenone520
Ida Shatz1896RussiaMWife8 Pool Street   Elementary School, 8th grade00
John Shatz1921MaineSSon8 Pool Street   High School, 3rd year00
Paul Max Shatz1929MaineSSon8 Pool Street   Elementary School, 5th grade  
Louis Sandler1877RussiaMHead85 Alfred Street  sameElementary School, 6th grade00
Rebecca Sandler1880RussiaMWife85 Alfred Street   Elementary School, 6th grade00
Tobina Sandler1906RussiaSDaughter85 Alfred StreetBookkeeperFruit Company High School, 4th year52936
Irving Sandler1912MaineSSon85 Alfred StreetOwnerFruit Company Elementary School, 5th grade521300
Isaac Schiltz1894RussiaMLodger168 South2nd ForemanShoe FactoryDresden, GermanyElementary School, 8th grade26410
Myer Sapira1899EnglandMHead85 Alfred StreetSecond HandAuto PartsameElementary School, 8th grade520
Bessie Sapira1901EnglandMWife85 Alfred Street   Elementary School, 8th grade  
Ruth Sapira1922MaineSDaughter85 Alfred Street   High School, 4th year  
Thelma Sapira1925MaineSDaughter85 Alfred Street   High School, 3rd year  
Murry Sapira1930MaineSSon85 Alfred Street   Elementary School, 5th grade  
Emma Sapira1881RussiaWidMother85 Alfred Street   Elementary School, 5th grade  
Irving Sapira1917MaineSBrother85 Alfred StreetSecond HandAuto Part High School, 2nd year520
Abraham E. Ross1892RussiaMHead20 Orchard StreetManagerretail men's clothing storesameHigh School, 4th year522600
Fannie J. Ross1891RussiaMWife20 Orchard Street   High School, 4th year00
Maurice Ross1916MaineSSon20 Orchard Street   College, 5th year00
Sylvia Ross1919MaineSDaughter20 Orchard StreetsaleswomanPublishing house College, 4th year16272
Philmore Ross1923MaineSSon20 Orchard Street   High School, 4th year  
David W. Ross1925MaineSSon20 Orchard Street   High School, 3rd year  
Louis Ross1862RussiaWidFather20 Orchard Street   Elementary School, 5th grade  
Carl Remar1890RussiaMHead13 Oak StreetTailorRet. Men's FurnishingssameElementary School, 5th grade520
Mollie Remar1891RussiaMWife13 Oak Street   Elementary School, 4th grade  
Benjamin Remar1913MaineSSon13 Oak StreetClerkRet. Men's store High Shool, 4th year52520
Jeannette Remar1922MaineSDaughter13 Oak StreetNew Worker B.KeeperWholesale ____? High School, 4th year16160
Irving Remar1930MaineSSon13 Oak Street   Elementary School, 6th grade  
Samuel Osher1889RussiaMHead65 Adams StreetProprietor Hardware StoreRetail Hardwaresamenone520
Leah Osher1898RussiaMWife65 Adams Street   Elementary School, 6th grade  
Alfred H. Osher1919MaineSSon65 Adams Street   College, 5th year  
William J. Osher1922MaineSSon65 Adams Street   College, 1st year  
Hyman Osher1924MaineSSon65 Adams Street   High School, 3rd year  
Bernard Osher1928MaineSSon65 Adams Street   Elementary School, 7th grade  
Marian Osher1931MaineSDaughter65 Adams Street   Elementary School, 4th grade  
Louis Lowe1893RussiaMBrother-in-law65 Adams Street   Elementary School, 6th grade  
A. Charles Newberg1905RussiaMHeadAWC May StreetOffice Managershoe shopBoston, Suffolk, MassachusettsCollege, 3rd year522000
Bertha Newberg1910RussiaMWifeAWC May Street   High School, 4th year  
Elaine Shirley Newberg1939MassachusettsSDaughterAWC May Street      
Isaac Lencovitz1899RussiaMHead20 Mt. VernonJunk DealerselfsameElementary School, 8th gradenot recordednot recorded
Ethel Lencovitz1897RussiaMWife20 Mt. Vernon   High School, 1st year  
Daniel Lencovitz1921MaineSSon20 Mt. VernonReceiverShoe Factory High School, 4th yearnot recorded40
Edith Lencovitz1929MassachusettsSDaughter20 Mt. Vernon   Elementary School, 5th grade  
Louis Baker1891RussiaMHead90 Foss StreetFruit DealerCanvass House to Housesamenone52not recorded
Ida Baker1903RussiaMWife90 Foss Street   Elementary School, 8th grade  
Lillian Baker1934MaineSDaughter90 Foss Street      
Harry Aranovitch1877RussiaMHead1 HillManagerHotelsameElementary School, 8th grade520
Jennie Aranovitch1883RussiaMWife1 Hill   Elementary School, 8th grade  
Eva Aranovitch1907RussiaSDaughter1 HillSupervisorHotel College, 1st year50900
Alex Aranovitch1910MaineSSon1 HillClerkPool room High School, 4th year520
Ivan Aranovitch1913MaineSSon1 HillClerkPool room College, 1st year520
Alvin Aaron1915MaineSSon1 HillDentistown practice College, 7th year520
Maurice Gass1911MaineSHead107 Main StreetForemanShoe ShopsameHigh School, 3rd year521680
Susan Gass1906RussiaSSister107 Main StreetClerk OfficeShop Shoe High School, 4th year52956
Joseph Fleisher1877RussiaWidHeadProspect StreetManagerGrocery StoresameElementary School, 5th grade520
Jennie Fleisher1913MaineSDaughterProspect Street   Elementary School, 6th grade00
George Fleisher1919MaineSSonProspect StreetSalesmanGroceries Elementary School, 7th grade00
Manuel Dorfman1897MaineMHead63 Jefferson StreetDry Good StoreOwn StoresameElementary School, 8th grade500
Rebecca Dorfman1899RussiaMWife63 Jefferson Street   High School, 4th year00
Simon Dorfman1928MaineSSon63 Jefferson Street   Elementary School, 8th grade  
Abraham Dorfman1930MaineSSon63 Jefferson Street   Elementary School, 6th grade  
Joseph Abelowitz1881RussiaMHead177 Hill StreetPeddlerFruit CartsameElementary School, 3rd grade520
Sadie Abelowitz1882RussiaMWife177 Hill Street   Elementary School, 2nd grade  
Harry Abelowitz1924MaineSSon177 Hill Street   High School, 2nd year  
Elie Lerman1886PolandWidHeadnot recordedCobblerown shopsameElementary School, 5th grade520
Paul Lerman1913MaineSSonnot recordedShoe CutterShoe Shop High School, 4th year52780
Dorothy Lerman1917MaineSDaughternot recorded   Elementary School, 8th grade00
Samuel Lerman1921MaineSSonnot recordedOperatorAmusement Park High School, 4th year12144
Abraham Thorner1888PolandMHead74 Masow StreetDealershoe findingssameElementary School, 6th grade400
Rebecca Thorner1890PolandMWife74 Masow Street   Elementary School, 6th grade00
Annie Thorner1916New YorkSDaughter74 Masow StreetStenographermachine shop High School, 4th year50900
Melvin Thorner1921MaineSSon74 Masow StreetOdd Jobsshoe dealer College, 2nd year00
Samuel S. Shapiro1890PolandMHead78 BirchLaborerMachine ShopsameElementary School, 8th grade46879
Nattie Shapiro1892PolandMWife78 Birch   Elementary School, 8th grade00
Ruth Shapiro1915MaineSDaughter78 BirchBookkeeperMachine Shop High School, 4th year431035
Irving Shapiro1919MaineSSon78 BirchClericalMachine Shop High School, 4th year52608
Morrell Shapiro1925MaineSSon78 Birch   High School, 3rd year00
Hyman Polakewick1871PolandMHead8 Union StreetPart OwnerRetail Clothing StoresameElementary School, 5th grade520
Sprincy Polakewick1873PolandMWife8 Union Street   Elementary School, 5th grade00
Ann Polakewick1900PolandSDaughter8 Union StreetPart OwnerRetail Clothing Store High School, 4th year520
Reuben Polakewick1905MaineSSon8 Union StreetProjectionistTheatre High School, 4th year521040
Raymond Polakewick1913MaineSSon8 Union StreetClerkRetail Clothing Store High School, 4th year52624
David Polakewick PolandMHead74 Alfred Street  sameElementary School, 7th grade00
Jennie Polakewick1859PolandMWife74 Alfred Street   none00
Henry J. Goldstone1862PolamdWidHead378 AlfredMachinistMachine ShopsameElementary School, 3rd grade32734
Minnie P. Goldstone1890MaineSDaughter378 Alfred   High School, 4th year00
Moses Davis1887MaineMHead3 Fall StreetForemanmachine shopsameElementary School, 8th grade511709
Frances Davis1897PolandMWife3 Fall Street   Elementary School, 8th grade00
Lenwood Davis1919MaineSSon3 Fall StreetCarpentermachine shop High School, 3rd year39984

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