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1940 US Federal Census Data Augusta

Families with one East European immigrant

N B: Information on place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

est birth yearbirth placemartial statusrelation to head of householdstreetoccupationindustryresidence in 1935 Highest Gradeweeks worked in 1939income
Harry Glick1896LithuaniaMarriedHead153 BangorManagerClothing Elementary school, 8th grade522500
Mary Glick1902OhioMarriedWife153 Bangor   Elementary school, 8th grade00
Samuel Glick1932OhioSingleSon153 Bangor   Elementary school, 2nd grade  
Diane Glick1934MaineSingleDaughter153 Bangor   Elementary school, 1st grade  
Fred Nusomen1885LithuaniaSingle 13 Auwal St.Medical DoctorHospital College, 4th year50260
Harry Waterman1885RussiaSinglePatientAugusta State Hospital For Mental Disease 13 Arsenal Street   Elementary school, 2nd grade  
Dora Slosberg1889RussiaWidowedDaughter-in-law79 Bridge StreetHousewifeHome High School, 4th year00
Max Slosberg1866RussiaWidowedHead79 Bridge Street Real Estate Elementary school, 6th grade52 
Helen Slosberg1913MassachusettsSingleGranddaughter79 Bridge StreetTeacherPublic school College, 2nd year36828
Devina Slosberg1915MaineSingleGranddaughter79 Bridge StreetTeacherDancing school High School, 4th year21 
Robert Goldberg1879RussiaMarriedHead98 Bridge StreetGrocerGrocery None520
Rose Goldberg1883RussiaMarriedWife98 Bridge StreetAssistantGrocery None520
Daniel Levine1892RussiaSingleBrother-in-law98 Bridge StreetFruit DealerOwn businessGardner, Kennebec, MaineNone520
Jacob Ansell1893RussiaMarriedPatientAugusta State Hospital For Mental Disease 13 Arsenal Street   High School, 1st year  
Barnard Morrison1889RussiaSinglePatientAugusta State Hospital For Mental Disease 13 Arsenal Street   Elementary school, 2nd grade  
Anna Slosberg1877RussiaMarriedWife47 Court Street   Elementary school, 8th grade00
Abraham Slosberg1875GermanyMarriedHead47 Court StreetClothing Store  Elementary school, 8th grade00
Howard Slosberg1917MaineSingleSon47 Court StreetLawyerPrivate Practice  College, 4th year00
Harry Lait1901MaineMarriedSon-in-law47 Court StreetClerkSurplus Commodities College, 2nd year26600
Lena Lait1904MaineMarriedDaughter 47 Court Street   High School, 4th year00
Roberta Lait1904MaineSingleGranddaughter47 Court Street   Elementary school, 5th grade  
Irene Lait1931MaineSingleGranddaughter47 Court Street   Elementary school, 2nd grade  
Daniel Stumberg1898RussiaDivorcedLodger167 State StreetShoe cutterFactoryDorchester, Suffolk, MassachusettsElementary school, 7th grade52900
John Mulkoff1890RussiaWidowedHead54 Howard StreetLaborerLumber Company Elementary school, 5th grade52725
Ida Friedman1885RussiaWidowedHead9 Noyes PlaceOwnerRetail Fruit and Grocery Elementary school, 8th grade520
Maurice Kaplan1908RussiaMarriedHead37 East Chestnut(Manger) ManufacturingPaper Mf.Trenton, Nurcer??, New JerseyCollege, 4th year525000+
Shirley Kaplan1912MassachusettsMarriedWife37 East Chestnut  Middlesex, MassachusettsHigh School, 4th year00
Gerlande Scolnick1887RussiaWidowedPatientAugusta State Hospital For Mental Disease Arsenal Street   Elementary school, 4th grade  
Esther Gerstian1892RussiaMarriedWife77 Bridge StreetSecretaryReal Estate Office High School, 4th year520
Hyman Gerstian1884PolandMarriedHead77 Bridge StreetSalesmanReal Estate Elementary school, 8th grade520
Margory Gerstian1919MaineSingleDaughter77 Bridge StreetLawyerOwn practice College, 4th year160
Eva Levine1889RussiaMarriedPatientAugusta State Hospital For Mental Disease   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Ann Coppersmith1902RussiaMarriedWife69 Arsenal Street   Elementary school, 8th grade00
A Coppersmith1893RomaniaMarriedHead69 Arsenal StreetProprietorStore (Retail) High School, 1st year100
Gilbert Coppersmith1909MaineSingleSon69 Arsenal StreetSalesmanRetail Store High School, 2nd year32320
Hilsa Coppersmith1923MaineSingleDaughter69 Arsenal Street   High School, 3rd year  
Bernard Coppersmith1929MaineSingleSon69 Arsenal Street   Elementary school, 6th grade  
Mike Levine1892RussiaMarriedHead6 School St PlaceDealerVariety store Elementary school, 2nd grade520
Ida Levine1896MaineMarriedWife6 School St Place   High School, 4th year00
Shirley Levine1930MaineSingleDaughter6 School St Place   Elementary school, 5th grade  
Leo Epstein1905RussiaMarriedHead21 MyrtleOwnerRetail meat store High School, 4th year520
Mirran Epstein1908New YorkMarriedWife21 Myrtle  New York City, New YorkElementary school, 8th grade00
Myrna Epstein1940MaineSingleDaughter21 Myrtle   None  
Julia Mileski1880PolandMarriedWifeBoulton Hill Road   None00
Michael Mileski1895PolandMarriedHeadBoulton Hill Road   Elementary school, 2nd grade00
Lillian K Sussman1897PolandMarriedWife104 Sewall StreetBookkeeperAt homeLowell, Middlesex, MassachusettsCollege, 3rd year60
Julius G Sussman1896OhioMarriedHead104 Sewall StreetDistributerPublishers agentLowell, Middlesex, MassachusettsCollege, 5th or subsequent year520
Sidney J Sussman1936MaineSingleSon104 Sewall Street   None  
William L Gelnow1896PolandMarriedHead11 ManleyFancy-StitcherShoe shop Elementary school, 8th grade520
Lena T Gelnow1901PolandMarriedWife11 Manley   Elementary school, 8th grade00
Harriet T Gelnow1927MassachusettsSingleDaughter11 Manley   Elementary school, 7th grade  
Mildred G Gelnow1929MaineSingleDaughter11 Manley   Elementary school, 4th grade  
Pauline R Gelnow1932MaineSingleDaughter11 Manley   Elementary school, 2nd grade  
David J Gelnow1935MaineSingleSon11 Manley   None  
Frances Szady1881PolandMarriedWife14 MT Vernon Av   None00
Lawrence Szady1881PolandMarriedHead14 MT Vernon AvWeaverCotton mill Elementary school, 8th grade16160
Stanley Szady1920MaineSingleSon14 MT Vernon AvLaborer  Elementary school, 7th grade16192
Frank Szady1921MaineSingleSon14 MT Vernon AvLaborer  Elementary school, 8th grade300
Joseph Szady1928MaineSingleSon14 MT Vernon Av   Elementary school, 3rd grade  
Louis Szady1930MaineSingleSon14 MT Vernon Av   Elementary school, 4th grade 

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