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1940 US Federal Census Data Waterville
Families with one East European immigrant

Data Extracted by Kate Halpert Lowry (2020)

NameEst Birth YearBirth PlaceMarital StatusRelation to Head of Household Occupationindustryresidence in 1935 Highest Gradeweeks worked in 1939income
Israel Shapiro1877Lithuaniamhead of household146 Boutelle Ave, WatervilleManager Aheater  Elementary school, 8th grade52 
Ethel Shapiro1891Lithuaniamwife146 Boutelle Ave, WatervilleHousework  Elementary school, 3rd grade  
Allan Shapiro Lithuania  146 Boutelle Ave, Waterville      
Tina Silver1895Lithuaniamwife13 Oak Street Contd, Waterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Stelle (Steve) Roman1870LithuaniawboarderSydney Rd, Waterville  BangorElementary school, 8th grade  
Esther P (or B) Paikowsky1902Lithuaniamwife7 Wilson Park, Waterville   High School, 4th year  
Henry Jacobson1894Lithuaniamhead of household44 Ticonic Street Contd, WatervilleBottler amp; Salesman  Elementary school, 8th grade52 
Gertrude Jacobson1893Lithuaniamwife44 Ticonic Street Contd, Waterville   High School, 4th year  
Phyllis Jacobson1928Mainesdaughter44 Ticonic Street Contd, Waterville   Elementary school, 5th grade  
Kenneth Jacobson1930Mainesson44 Ticonic Street Contd, Waterville   Elementary school, 5th grade  
Estelle Jacobson1934Mainesdaughter44 Ticonic Street Contd, Waterville      
Ruth Marie Jacobson1936Mainesdaughter44 Ticonic Street Contd, Waterville      
Herman Jacobson1899Lithuaniawbrother44 Ticonic Street Contd, WatervilleOwn Business Salesman   52 
Bessie Hains1891Lithuaniamwife5 May Street, Waterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Abraham Hains1890Lithuaniamhead of household5 May Street, WatervilleRabbi  Elementary school, 8th grade52 
Sarah Hains1915Canadasdaughter5 May Street, WatervilleStenographer  High School, 4th year52600
Benjamin Hains1919Canadasson5 May Street, WatervilleRetail Clerk  College, 1st year12200
Harry Hains1928Canadasson5 May Street, Waterville   Elementary school, 6th grade  
William Hains1916Canadasson5 May Street, WatervilleAccounting  College, 4th year52600
Emily Gurski1882Lithuaniamwife2 Halfwood Ave, Waterville   Elementary school, 5th grade  
Laura Gurski1914Maineddaughter2 Halfwood Ave, Waterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Edward Gurski1919Mainesson2 Halfwood Ave, WatervillePainter  High School, 2nd year12300
     , Waterville      
George Chesner1910Russiamhead of household68 1/2 Silver St Cont'D, Waterville  BangorElementary school, 8th grade52 
Sophie Chesner1917Mainemwife68 1/2 Silver St Cont'D, Waterville  RocklandHigh School, 4th year  
Rose Saperstein1902RussiamdaughterWaterville   High School, 4th year  
Edward Saperstein1902New Yorkmson in lawWatervillePress Manager  High School, 4th year522080
Hyman Rosenthal1866Russiamhead of householdWaterville   High School, 4th year  
Lina (Lena) Rosenthal1871RussiamwifeWaterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Sherman Saperstein1932MainesgrandsonWaterville   Elementary school, 1st grade  
Audrey Saperstein1936MainesgranddaughterWaterville      
Simon Zimon1887Russiamhead of household20 May St, WatervilleMachine Helper   521200
Rebecka Zimon1891Russiamwife20 May St, Waterville      
Anita Zimon1923Mainesdaughter20 May St, Waterville   High School, 3rd year  
Irene Zimon1927Mainesdaughter20 May St, Waterville   Elementary school, 7th grade  
Alvin Zimon1930Mainesson in law20 May St, Waterville   Elementary school, 4th grade  
Lewis Wolman1889Russiamhead of household300 Main St., WatervilleDealer  Elementary school, 7th grade522800
Ida Wolman1893Russiamwife300 Main St., Waterville   Elementary school, 4th grade  
Harold Wolman1917Mainesson300 Main St., Waterville   College, 5th year  
Gordon Wolman1919Mainesson300 Main St., WatervilleBookkeeper  High School, 4th year18270
George Wolman1923Mainesson300 Main St., Waterville   High School, 3rd year  
Mary Wein1889Russiamwife17 College Ave, Waterville      
Samuel Wein1884Russiamhead of household17 College Ave, WatervilleProprieter   52 
Florence Wein1911Mainesdaughter17 College Ave, WatervilleTeacher  College, 4th year  
Gladys Wein1915Mainesdaughter17 College Ave, WatervilleSales LadyLadies Wear College, 4th year52280
Samuel Sterns1883Russiamfather42 Ticonic St., WatervilleTruckman   52 
Harold Sterns1907Mainemhead of household42 Ticonic St., WatervilleSalesman  High School, 4th year523000
Mina Sterns1910Mainemwife42 Ticonic St., WatervilleHousewife  High School, 4th year  
Louis Sterns1928Mainesson42 Ticonic St., Waterville   Elementary school, 5th year  
Barbara Sterns1932Mainesdaughter42 Ticonic St., Waterville   Elementary school, 3rd year  
Loius (Louis) Shiro1889Russiamhead of householdMaple Street, Waterville   Elementary school, 4th grade  
Cecelia Shiro1895MassachusettsmwifeMaple Street, Waterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Harry Silver1888Russiamhead of household13 Oak Street, WatervillePart Owner  Elementary school, 8th grade52 
Evelyn Rosenthal1903Russiamwife21 Roosevelt Ave, Waterville   High School, 4th year  
Lewis Rosenthal1899Russiamhead of household21 Roosevelt Ave, WatervilleDealer  Elementary school, 8th grade525000
Theodore Rosenthal1926Mainesson21 Roosevelt Ave, Waterville   Elementary school, 7th grade  
Robert Rosenthal1928Mainesson21 Roosevelt Ave, Waterville   Elementary school, 5th year  
Alyne Rosenthal1933Mainesdaughter21 Roosevelt Ave, Waterville   Elementary school, 1st year  
Samuel Rosenthall1882Russiamhead of household20 Oak St, WatervillePeddling  Elementary school, 8th grade52 
Jennie Rosenthall1882Russiamwife20 Oak St, Waterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Annie Rosenthall1907Mainesdaughter20 Oak St, WatervilleSeamstressSewing Project High School, 4th year  
Eva Rosenthall1909Mainesdaughter20 Oak St, Waterville   College, 2nd year  
Maurice Rosenthall1912Mainesson20 Oak St, WatervilleMeat Cutter  High School, 4th year521010
Eva Rosenthal1900RussiamwifeWaterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Myer Rosenthal1888Russiamhead of householdWatervilleLaborer  Elementary school, 8th grade52500
Phillip Rosenthal1924MassachusettsssonWaterville   Elementary school, 3rd year  
Herbert Rosenthal1926MassachusettsssonWaterville   High School, 1st year  
Marjorie Rosenthal1929MainesdaughterWaterville   Elementary school, 5th year  
Betty Rosenthal1932MainesdaughterWaterville   Elementary school, 2nd year  
Rebecca Rabinowitz1890Russiamwife6 Edward St, Waterville      
Goldie Pachowsky1909Russiamwife298 Main St, Waterville  PortlandHigh School, 4th year  
Myer Pachowsky1908Mainemhead of household298 Main St, WatervilleProprieter  High School, 4th year524700
Patsy Jean Pachowsky1938Mainesdaughter298 Main St, Waterville      
Abraham Pachowsky1887Russiamhead of household16 High Street, WatervilleEmployee   52 
Iola (Ida) Pachowsky1886Russiamwife16 High Street, Waterville      
Samuel Pachowsky1911Mainesson16 High Street, WatervilleEmployee  High School, 4th year52 
Samuel Barron1887Russiamhead of household5 Center St, WatervilleManager Salesman  Elementary school, 4th grade52780
Frances Barron1887Massachusettsmwife5 Center St, Waterville   College, 4th year  
Edward Barron1908Mainesson5 Center St, WatervilleClerical  College, 4th year52520
Ruth Barron1927Massachusettssdaughter5 Center St, Waterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Saul Mandell1910Russiamhead of household19 Roosevelt Ave, WatervilleManager BostonCollege, 5th year522200
Esther Mandell1910Massachusettsmwife19 Roosevelt Ave, Waterville  BostonHigh School, 4th year  
Rhoda Haxeteni1910Russiasniece36 Teconic St, WatervilleNew worker  High School, 4th year12150
E. Louis Russakoff1889Russiamhead of household164 Main St, WatervilleMerchant   52 
Yetta Russakoff1899New Yorkmwife164 Main St, Waterville   High School, 4th year  
Pearl Russakoff1925Mainesdaughter164 Main St, Waterville   High School, 2nd year  
Gertrude Russakoff1927Mainesdaughter164 Main St, Waterville   High School, 1st year  
William Levine1884Russiamhead of householdSydney Rd, WatervilleOperator     
William Levine1869Russiawhead of household33 Teconic St, WatervilleEmployer     
Fred Korahnrnho (Korahnzrko)1882Russiadpartner34 Head of Falls, WatervillePick amp;shovel   10150
Gertrude Jacobson1893Russiamwife44 Ticonic Street Contd, Waterville   High School, 4th year  
Evelyn Grace1904Russiamwife15 1/2 College Ave, WatervilleCashier  High School, 4th year52 
Morris Gottleib1903Russiamhead of household20 College Ave, WatervilleManager Burlington, VTHigh School, 4th year522500
Harry Gitlin1886Russiamhead of household36 Teconic St, WatervilleEmployer  College, 2nd year52 
Rita Gitlin1916Russiasdaughter36 Teconic St, WatervilleNew worker  High School, 4th year  
Annie Gitlin1887Russiamwife36 Teconic St, WatervilleHousewife  High School, 4th year  
Sarah Gitlin1924Mainesdaughter36 Teconic St, Waterville   High School, 1st year  
Sarah Goldberg1900Russiamwife17 West St, Waterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Max Rabinowitz1888Polandmhead of household6 Edward St, WatervilleJunk Dealer   52 
Florence Rabinowitz1911Mainesdaughter6 Edward St, Waterville   Elementary School, 6th grade  
Irlene Rabinowitz1921Mainesdaughter6 Edward St, Waterville   High School, 4th year  
Maynard Rabinowitz1923Mainesson6 Edward St, Waterville   High School, 2nd year  
James Cook1871Polandmhead of householdWaterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Annie Cook1871Polandmwife23, Waterville   Elementary school, 8th grade  
Rachel Brisk1877Polandmmother15 Kelsey St, Waterville   Elementary School, 6th grade  
Harry Brisk1900Polandshead of household15 Kelsey St, WatervilleFlooring material  Elementary school, 8th grade  
Oline (Olive) Orloff (Smith)1905PolandmdaughterRidge Rd, Waterville  Lynn, MAElementary school, 8th grade  
Antoinette Smith1880PolandmwifeRidge Rd, Waterville      
Jacob Smith1876Polandmhead of householdRidge Rd, WatervilleFireman   501500
John Choghinsky1896Polandsroomer67 Silver St, WatervilleMerchant Pittsfield, MAElementary school, 7th grade52 
Charles Zranicki1889Polandwlodger5 Charles St, WatervilleSpinner Manchester, NHelem 4  
Bessie Sterns1880Polandwhead of household20 College Ave, WatervilleTailor   521040
Herbert Sterns1919Mainesson20 College Ave, WatervilleMenderWoolen Mill High School, 2nd year  
Daniel Roberts1890Polandmhead of householdKelsey St, WatervilleWindow cleaner  Elementary school, 4th grade52 
Waclow Romeyka1886Polandslodger5 Charles St, WatervillePicker man  Elementary school, 4th grade40550
Agata Piatek1893Polandmpartner7 Silver Place, WatervilleWeaver  Elementary school, 8th grade864
Sarah Barron1890Polandmhead of householdWatervilleStore clerkOwn store Elementary School, 6th grade  
Harry Barron1911MainedsonWaterville   College, 4th year  
Edith Barron1917MainesdaughterWatervilleSchool teacher  High school, 4th year361400
Florence Mintz1885Polandwhead of household35 Spruce St, WatervilleBread cutter   52 
Mary Lucash1888Polandwhead of household23 Brook St, Waterville  Winslow   
Myer Levine1887Polandmhead of household303 Main St, WatervilleCattle dealer   52 
Freda Levine1883Polandmwife303 Main St, Waterville      
Aaron Levine1917Polandsnephew303 Main St, WatervilleCattle dealer   52 
Melvin Levine1919Polandsnephew303 Main St, WatervilleCattle dealer   52 
Bennie Kosseck1886Polandmhead of household7 Silver Place, WatervilleLaborer Manchester, NHElementary school, 8th grade12200
Louise Kosseck1895Polandmwife7 Silver Place, WatervilleSpinner Manchester, NHElementary school, 7th grade52416
Isaac Hillson1884Polandmhead of household39 Burleigh St, WatervilleOwner  High School, 4th year48 
Mina Hains1913PolandmwifeMain St, Waterville  New York, NYHigh school, 2nd year  
Jacob Hains1913Canadamhead of householdMain St, WatervilleNews Agenting  College, 4th year52900
Joseph Gurski1879Polandmhead of household2 Halfwood Ave, WatervilleMachinest   481885
Annie Gaul1895Polandmwife41 Teconic St., WatervilleWeaver   40760
Joseph Gaul1884Polandmhead of household41 Teconic St., Waterville      
Alphonse Gaul1919Mainesson41 Teconic St., Waterville   College, 2nd year560
Stella Gaul1922Mainesdaughter41 Teconic St., WatervilleInspector  High school, 4th year2475
Samuel Brisk1903Polandmhead of household16th St, WatervilleBartender  High school, 4th year521000
Violet Brisk1911Californiamwife16th St, WatervilleUsherette San Francisco, CAElementary school, 7th grade25300
N B: Information on place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

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