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25th Anniversary of the Portland Jewish Community Center

1938-1963 - private collection

Click here if the pdf does not appear: 25th Anniversary of the Portland JCC

Thank you to Rita Schwey Weisberg for the article
People: David Astor; Ernest Baker; (Mrs) Ernest Baker; Benjamin Band; (Mrs) Stacey Baum; Rabbi Morris Bekritsky; Edward Berman; Honorable Louis Bernstein; Israel Bernstein; Russell Bornstein; Saul Brenerman; (Mrs) Benjamin Brilliant; Marvin Brooks; Ruth Burke; Samuel Burokoff; Margaret Chase Smith; Jacob Cinamon; Michael M Citrin; Martin Clenott; Charles A Cohen; Samuel J Cohen; Donald (Mrs) Cohen; Donald Cohen; Harry (Mrs) Cohen ; Harry Cohen ; Charles A (Mrs) Cohen; William Cohen; Gerald Cope; Morris Cox; (Mrs) Morris Cox; Maurice Davis; (Mrs) Maurice Davis; Julius Elowitch; (Mrs) Sidney Finkelman; Sidney Finkelman; (Mrs) Gerson Finkelstein; Gerson Finkelstein; (Mrs) Melvin Finn; Sidney Ginsburg; Alfred Goldman; (Mrs) Jack Goldstein; Arnold Goodman; Arnold (Mrs) Goodman; Bernard Goodman; Herman Hirsch; Herman (Mrs) Hirsch; Van Hood; S. Allan Howes ;

Also named in publication a-z :: Harmon (Mrs) Hugo; Maurice Kane; Bernard Koren; (Mrs) Bernard Koren; (Mrs) Frank Laben; Carl Lerman; Morris (Mrs) Lerman; Morris Lerman; William Levi; (Mrs) Samuel J Levi; Sidney Levine; Sidney (Mrs) Levine; Ethel Levine; Robert Litman; (Mrs) Robert Litman; (Mrs) Irving Lourie; S Richard Mack; (Mrs) Joseph Modes; Edmund S Muskie; Walter Nadon; (Mrs) Seymour Nathanson; Seymour Nathanson; Donald Nelson; Harold Nelson; Richard Ouillette; Barnett Plavnick; (Mrs) Barnett Plavnick; Norman Reef; Robert Reef; Murray Reuben; George Robinson; Gerald Rosen; (Mrs) Gerald Rosen; Harold Ross; (Mrs) Irving Rothstein; Robert Sax; (Mrs) Robert Sax; Bruce Schatz; Joseph Schatz; (Mrs) Joseph Schatz; (Mrs) Philip Schilling; Toby Shafter ; Harry Sher; Gerald Sheriff; BBarnett I "Barney" Shur; William Sidman; Dean Silverman; Bertram H "Bert" Silverman;

Also named in publication a-z :: Bertram (Mrs) Silverman; Rabbi Harry Sky; Irving Small; (Mrs) Irving Small; Sanford Solender; (Mrs) Martin Sprince; (Mrs) Herbert Stern; Melvin "Mel" Stone; Joseph Taylor; (Mrs) Joseph Taylor; Victor (Mrs) Taylor; Stanley R (Hon) Tupper; Olive von Herten; Graham Watt; Gerald (Mrs) Waxman; (Mrs) Myer Weissman; Dr Harold Woolf; Harold (Mrs) Woolf; Manuel Young; Bernard Zade
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