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With a little help from my friends : Jewish mutual assistance in nineteenth-century Maine" by David Freidenreich and Kristin Esdale Nov 2016 (future MHS publication , circa 2020)

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Click here if the pdf does not appear Maine peddlers by David Freidenreich and Kristin Esdale Insert your error message here, if the PDF cannot be displayed.

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Note : David M Freidenreich and Kristin Esdale

Links to People :

first group :   Mary Abrams     Sussman Abrams   first group   Hasia Diner     David F   ;   Mark Gallert   Waterville   Rebecca Gallert   Waterville   [daughter of Lewis and Rachel] Kaufman   Rockland ;   Joseph Kaufman   Rockland ;   Lewis Kaufman   Rockland ;   Rebecca Kaufman   Rockland ;

second group :   [daugher of Jacob Peavy] Meyers   Waterville / Lewiston ;   Morris N Meyers   Lewiston ;   David L Peavy   ;   Isaac Peavy   Waterville ;   Jacob Peavy   Waterville ;   Louis Peavy   Waterville ;   Augustus Silber   Bangor ;   Hannah Silber   Bangor ;   Moses Silber   Bangor ;   Haiman Philip Spitz   Spitz & Brother ;

third group :   Henrietta Spitz   ;'   Peter Spitz   ;   Julius Waterman   Bangor ;   Rosa Waterman   Bangor ;   Lee Shai Weissbach   ;

fourth group :   Gunst Bache   Bangor ;   Isaac Bache   Bangor ;   William Engel   Waterville ;   William Filene   Bath ;   Mark Gallert   Waterville ;   Julius Harris   Rockland / Bangor ;   Susill A Isaacson   Lewiston ;   Benjamin Kalish   Bucksport ;   William Levine   Waterville ;   Henry Meger   Bangor ;   Adam Mendelsohn   ;   Albert Myerson   Bangor ;

Links to Organizations :

  Ahawas Achim ;   Portland lodge of B'nai B'rith ;   J Peavy and Brothers (Waterville) ;   J Peavy and Brothers (Augusta) ;   J Peavy and Brothers (Belfast) ;   J Peavy and Brothers (Bangor) ;

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