Financial services, accountants, and related professionals

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Years shown are ones which the person was known to be engaged in that industry.
Occupational titles are as provided by the source; odd-sounding titles are most likely those recorded by census takers.

? In bank
     Lewiston Auburn area
Carl [LastNameEndsIn ritz]   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Donald S "Duddy / David" Day z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
     Greater Portland
Norman Bronstein z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007
Reuben J Karlin z"l  John Hancock   Denise Karlin
Steven Kornetsky     Steven Kornetsky (2016)
Barry Levine z"l     Robert Levine (2015)
Seymour Nathanson z"l  U.S. Magistrate also active at Beth El.  ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
Abraham H Simonds z"l     Charles Brand
     Lewiston Auburn area
Marty V / Martin Rosenthal z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Ernest M Shapiro z"l   1930   1930USFedCensus
Ernest M Shapiro z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Maurice Shiffer   1955   1955 Zelch
Eli Berger   1937   HainesMarriageRecords
     Not Sure
Abraham M Simonds z"l     Ed Schultz (2020)
accountant - accountancy
     Lewiston Auburn area
Ernest M Shapiro z"l   1930   1930USFedCensus
accountant - clothing co
     Greater Portland
Simon Crasnick z"l   1930   US Federal Census MA
accountant - furniture company
     Greater Biddeford
Leo Green   1930   1930FedCensusBiddeford
Accountant-not recorded
     Lewiston Auburn area
Sherman G Shapiro z"l   1940   US Fed Census - Auburn
agent ( Insurance)??
     Greater Waterville
Harry Goldberg   1930   1930USFederalMECensus, pg 14B
agent - insurance
     Greater Bangor
Max Marcus   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
     Greater Portland
Dora Silverman z"l   1920   1920-Federal Census
     Lewiston Auburn area
Harry Rubinoff z"l   1930   1930USFedCensus
Harry Rubinoff z"l   1930   1930USFedCensus
agent - real estate
     Greater Augusta
Herman Gerstein   1930   1930 US Fed Census-Augusta
     Greater Bangor
Samuel Campbell   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
     Lewiston Auburn area
Joseph Berman   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Harry Goodkowsky z"l   1920   1920USFedCensus
Assistant Treasurer
     Greater Portland
Bernard "Barney" Zade z"l  Jewish Community Center - Portland 1957   JCC Key Members, First Years
associated with
Carl L Webber z"l  Investors Diversified Services 1953   JCC Bulletin vol XV no 14
asst supt - life insurance
     Lewiston Auburn area
Harry Rubinoff z"l   1920   1920USFederalCensus
bank clerk
Frank Gutmann   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Frank Gutmann   1930   1930LewistonCensus
bank teller
     Greater Waterville
Gertrude Jacobson z"l   1927   HainesMarriageRecords
     Greater Bangor
Alan Newmark Glazier z"l  Bangor Savings Bank 1988-2006   Deborah Glazier (2013)
banker - finance and loan
     Greater Waterville
Allan Shapiro z"l  Lincoln/Pacific Industrial Banks Finance and Loan  lisa shapiro (2015)
bond teller bank
     Greater Portland
Lillian Ross z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
book keeper - ?
     Greater Bangor
Lillian N Rubin   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
     Greater Portland
Joseph M Shapiro   1930   1930USFedCensus
     Lewiston Auburn area
Betty [FirstNameNotKnown]   1930   1930USFedCensus ED: 9 Pg: 5 Ln: 5
book keeper - dry goods
Bessie Klatsky / Kletsky   1920   1920LewistonCensus
book keeper - dry goods store
Florence "Flossie" Rosenbloom   1920   1920LewistonCensus
book keeper - dye house
[FirstName Unreadable] Bornstein   1930   1930USFedCensus
[FirstName Unreadable] Bornstein   1930   1930USFedCensus ED: 9 Pg: 9 Ln: 4
book keeper - ice co
     Greater Portland
Goldie Press   1920 ice co  1920 US Fed Census - Saco
book keeper - insurance co
     Lewiston Auburn area
Ida S Benson z"l   1920   1920USFedCensus
book keeper - jewlery store
Dorothy Gorevitz   1930   1930USFedCensus
Dorothy Gorevitz   1930   1930USFedCensus ED: 8 Pg: 8 Ln: 9
book keeper - laundry
Florence McCausky   1920   1920USFedCensus ED: 5 Pg: 5 Ln: 5
Florence McCausky   1920   1920USFedCensus
book keeper - office
     Greater Bangor
Sylvia J / Silvia Rolsky   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
     Lewiston Auburn area
Sadie Brownstein   1920   1920USFedCensus ED: 5 Pg: 4 Ln: 5
Sadie Brownstein   1920   1920USFedCensus
Francis Canter   1920   1920USFedCensus ED: 5 Pg: 5 Ln: 5
Francis Canter   1920   1920USFedCensus
Lena Canter   1920   1920USFedCensus
HARRIS MELTZER z"l   1920   1920USFedCensus
Annie H Nitlen?   1930   1930USFedCensus ED: 8 Pg: 9 Ln: 9
Annie H Nitlen?   1930   1930USFedCensus
Lillian Ruttenberg   1920   1920USFedCensus ED: 5 Pg: 5 Ln: 4
Lillian Ruttenberg   1920   1920USFedCensus
Rose Wesler   1920   1920USFedCensus ED: 5 Pg: 5 Ln: 5
Rose Wesler   1920   1920USFedCensus
book keepr -
     Greater Bangor
Gertrude Kuperstein   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
book keepr - W___
Sophie / Sophia Gass   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
bookeeper (Packing Co.)
     Greater Waterville
Freida (now 18831) Wolman   1930   1930USFederalMECensus, pg 7A
bookeeper - dry goods
     Greater Biddeford
Rose Polakewich   1920   1920FedCensusBiddeford
bookeeper, ?
     Lewiston Auburn area
[FirstNameNotKnown-OldestDaughter] Leigal?   1930   1930USFedCensus
[FirstNameNotKnown-OldestDaughter] Leigal?   1930   1930USFedCensus
bookeeper, ? -
Rose Seigal   1930   1930USFedCensus ED: 9 Pg: 9 Ln: 9
bookeeper, at home
     Greater Waterville
Rose Rosenthal   1920   1920USFederalMECensus, pg 1b
bookeeper, day …
     Lewiston Auburn area
Evelyn Machkowksy   1930   1930USFedCensus
bookeeper, day … -
Evelyn Machkowksy   1930   1930USFedCensus ED: 9 Pg: 9 Ln: 2
bookeeper, plumbing+I65
     Greater Waterville
Hilda Zimon   1930   1930USFederalMECensus, pg 11A
     Aroostook County
Bertha Berger   1937   HainesMarriageRecords
Bessie Rose Brown z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census - Maine
Bessie Rose Brown z"l   1930 ?  1930 US Fed Census Bath
Minnie Brown z"l   1930   1930 US Fed Census Bath
Rose Cronsberg   1930   1930 US Federal Census - Maine
Lewis Abraham Frankel z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Belfast
Doris Ruth / Dorris L Winner z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
     Greater Augusta
Rose Freidman   1930   1930 US Fed Census-Augusta
     Greater Bangor
Anna Bigelson  Cosolidated Loose Leaf   Richard Dorr (2016)
Katherine E "Katie" Carver z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Old Town
Marion / Marian Frankel z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Belfast
Dora Irene Sclair z"l   1934   HainesMarriageRecords
     Greater Calais
Tillie A Gordon z"l   She was a bookkeeper for a car dealership in Calais.  Joyce Finkelstein Pulaski
Tillie A Gordon z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Calais
     Greater Portland
Bessie Abrams   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Bessie Abrams   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Rose E (now 1185) Albling   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Teri Berenson  Congregation Bet Ha’am 2010-2015   Bet Ha'am Bulletin
Etta Bernstein z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Etta M Bernstein   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Ida L Blumenthal   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Sadie Blumenthal z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Lena Brann   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Phoebe Branz z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Simon Crasnick z"l   1916   Workman Circle - Arbriter Ring - Portland1917-1921records pg 89
Simon Crasnick   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Esther B / Ester Dalton   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Esta / Esther Z Eisenberg z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Rose Etta Erlick z"l   1930   
Gertrude Feinstein   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Ida S Fireman z"l  Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea   Sherri Quint (2020)
Marcia L / Marsha Fireman z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Ida Goffin z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Rose Greenberg z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
Etta Hannaford z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Sarah Herman   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Minnie Lewis z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Rose Margolis z"l     Sara Salzberg (2013)
Bertha Rudek   1947-1955   Cynthia Beth Pedlikin (2017)
Joseph M Shapiro   1930   1930USFedCensus
     Greater Rockland
Rae Dane z"l     Sherri Quint (2018)
     Greater Waterville
Gordon Wolman z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Waterville
Gordon Wolman z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Waterville
     Hancock County
Dorice / Doris Mensh z"l   1930 public  1930 US Fed Census Bath
     Lewiston Auburn area
Lillian Berns z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Helene Sybil Canter   1936   1936 Abromson
Ida Cohen   1936   1936 Abromson
Molly Finestein   1936   1936 Abromson
Miriam Glovsky   1936   1936 Abromson
Esther / Ester Gordon z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Dorothy Guerwitz   1936   1936 Abromson
Dorothy Guerwitz   1936   1936 Abromson
Goldie Isaacson   1936   1936 Abromson
Annette Lelansky   1936   1936 Abromson
Esther Lelansky   1936   1936 Abromson
Frances B "Fannie" Levin z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Ida Levin   1936   1936 Abromson
Florence Machkowksy   1955   1955 Zelch
Florence Makin / Mackin   1936   1936 Abromson
Lena Mason   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Lena Mason   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Alice E Miller   1936   1936 Abromson
Annie H Miller   1936   1936 Abromson
Lester Miller z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
E Edith Olum   1936   1936 Abromson
REBECCA Persky z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Jenny / Jennie Rosenbloom z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Hinda / Hilda Scolnik z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Leah Siegel z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Rose M Siegel   1936   1936 Abromson
Celia Silbolkin   1936   1936 Abromson
Florence Silverhart z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Bertha Supovitz   1936   1936 Abromson
Mildred Supovitz   1936   1936 Abromson
Ruth Waldman   1936   1936 Abromson
Mary / Mae Ward   1936   1936 Abromson
Jennie Zall   1936   1936 Abromson
Rose [LastNameEndsIn ritz]   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Betty [LastNameNotLegiable]   1930   1930USFedCensus
Leopold Shoenauer   1910   1910 US Fed Census - Rumford
bookkeeper - Cigar factory
Dorothy L HIGER   1920   1920 US Federal Census - Ma
bookkeeper - cleaning company
Evelyn Sharkoff z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert
bookkeeper - garage
     Greater Calais
Tillie A Gordon z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census - Calais
bookkeeper - local potato brokerage firm
     Greater Bangor
Samuel Fish z"l   1911 -   obituary
bookkeeper - pharmaceutical company.
     Greater Portland
Arthur A Eisenstadt z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert
bookkeeper dye house
     Lewiston Auburn area
Bertha Supovitz   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Bertha Supovitz   1930   1930LewistonCensus
bookkeeper furniture
Marion Supovitz   1930   1930LewistonCensus
bookkeeper office
     Greater Bangor
Lena Berman z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census - Aroostook
Bookkeeper-At home
     Greater Augusta
Lillian K Sussman z"l   1940   1940 US Fed Census - Augusta
Sarah Edith Shatz z"l   Worked with father in second hand store, then bookkeeper for Marcus Clothing Store.  ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
bookkeeper? [can't read next word]
     Greater Waterville
Ida Wolman   1920   1920USFederalMECensus, pg 2b
     Aroostook County
Abram B / Abraham "A B" Cohen z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Aroostook
     Greater Bangor
Charles J Bernstein   1936   HainesMarriageRecords
     Lewiston Auburn area
Samuel "Sammy" Alpren z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Louis R Miller   1936   1936 Abromson
broker -
     Greater Biddeford
Nehemiah / N Goodkowsky z"l   1910   1910FedCensusBiddeford
budget director
     Greater Portland
Rose Nelson z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert
business owner - real estate
Ellen Pluznick z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007
Certified Financial Planner TM
     Oxford County
Charles Eric Stone     Charles Stone (2018)
Chartered Financial Planner
     Greater Portland
Jacob Z. Robinson z"l  Chartered Life Underwriters   Betsy Bertuzzi (2016)
Clerk - Finance Co
     Greater Bangor
Samuel Rudman z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
clerk - insurance office
David Miller   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
clerk bookeeper-store
     Lewiston Auburn area
Anna Goldman   1940   1940 US Fed Census Lewiston
     Greater Portland
Israel Bernstein z"l  Casco Bank & Trust Co 1940   Guide to the Papers of Israel Bernstein, AJHS
Collector Agent
     Aroostook County
Maurice B / Morris Ross   1940   1940 US Federal Census -Gardiner
Commercial Real Estate
     Greater Bangor
Arlon Inman Brown     Arlon Brown
     Cumberland County
(excluding Greater Portland)
Justin Sharaf     Dennis Stires
     Greater Portland
Gordon Simonds z"l   1963 - 2013   Naomi Weiner (2015)
CPA and Owner
Joseph Stillman z"l  Joseph Stillman & Co. later merged with Tofias, Fleishman and Shapiro  Sherri Quint (2019)
credit manager
Edgar "Ed" Glen z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
     Lewiston Auburn area
Ernest "Red" Silverman z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Dealer - real estate
     Greater Rockland
Isidor / Isadore Gordon z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census Rockland
dealer - real estate
     Lewiston Auburn area
Abraham Shapiro z"l   1920   1920LewistonCensus
Die Insurance Salesman
     Greater Bangor
Lawrence I Berson z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census - Belfast
     Greater Rockland
Samuel Levy   1930   1930 US Fed Census Rockland
Financial Analysts
Robert Greenblatt     Nancy Greenblatt (2017)
Global Insurance & real estate broker
     Greater Portland
Michael Matluck  ICS Global Inc.   Michael Matluck (2020)
     Greater Bangor
Francis L Casey     BethIsrael50
     Lewiston Auburn area
Maurice H Dion z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Maurice H Dion z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Samuel J Miller z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Harry Rubinoff z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Harry Seamon z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Harry Seamon z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
insurance - life insurance co
     Greater Bangor
Eli Adelman   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
Insurance Agency
Gordon Striar z"l   1951-1954   Michael Striar (2020)
Insurance agent
     Greater Portland
Aaron A Karlin z"l  Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 1930-1948   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Insurance Agent
     Lewiston Auburn area
Max R. Ellis z"l   1940 census, per   1936 Abromson
Insurance agent
Harry Rubinoff z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Gertrude L "Gert" Troen z"l   Had cows and milk route as a girl in Portland at bottom of Munjoy Hill. Resetttled immigrants. Ins. Agent for 40 yrs.  ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
insurance agent - ?
     Greater Bangor
Rudolf E / Rudolph E Brill z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
Insurance agent and business owner
     Greater Portland
Harold Loeb z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007
Insurance and real estate
     Greater Bangor
Abraham Kirstein z"l     Crossing Lines
insurance claims spec.
     Greater Portland
Ann Judith Goodman z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
Life Insurance Agent
Isadore / Izzy Singer z"l   1940   1940 US Federal Census-Bath
     Lewiston Auburn area
Maurice Aron ??   1930   1930LewistonCensus
William B Bean z"l  Finance Co -- Norway 1955   1955 Zelch
not classifed
     Greater Bangor
Rudolf E / Rudolph E Brill z"l  Metropolitan Life Insurance Company   Obituary
     Greater Biddeford
Jeffrey Arnold Nathanson  Maine Saving Bank   interview with Jeff Nathanson (Mitchell Collection, Bowdoin)
Jeffrey Arnold Nathanson  Fleet Bank   interview with Jeff Nathanson (Mitchell Collection, Bowdoin)
     Greater Portland
Harry Sclar z"l  First Portland National Bank   Yiddish note on First Portland National Bank letterhead - front
     Lewiston Auburn area
Peter Jonas Isaacson  Depositors Trust Co 1997   Chaim Merson biography in Risen, Jewels of Maine
not classified yet
     Greater Biddeford
Jeffrey Arnold Nathanson  TD Banknorth   interview with Jeff Nathanson (Mitchell Collection, Bowdoin)
     Greater Rockland
Hill M / Hild Dane z"l  Dane Credit Co 1912 - 1913   RocklandJewishCommunityListing1912-1913
Hill M / Hild Dane z"l  Dane Credit Co 1987 406 Main St, Rockland  Adas Yoshuron 75th Anniversary Commemorative book, part 1
     Greater Biddeford
Bruce Ruben z"l   took over father's insurance agency  Jennie Aranovitch
     New York
Jeffrey "Jeff" Tarr     Harris Gleckman (2007)
     Lewiston Auburn area
Nettie S Bramson z"l  Singer Realty co 1955   1955 Zelch
Charles Levin z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
President Board of Directors
     Greater Portland
Sumner Thurman Bernstein z"l  Portland Savings Bank 1997   Peggy Bernstein biography in Risen, Jewels of Maine
     Lewiston Auburn area
Julius Wise  NY Pawn & Loan Co 1955   1955 Zelch
real estate
     Greater Portland
James Albert z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Abraham J / Abram J Bernstein z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Julius Brinn z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007
Abraham Cook   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Abraham Cook   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Herman / Harmon / Harlow Davis z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Abraham Finks z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Abraham Gerber   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
     Greater Rockland
Isaac Belinsky   1920   1920 US Fed Census Rockland
     Greater Waterville
[FatherOfLaura] Wolman   1926   HainesMarriageRecords
     Lewiston Auburn area
Max Berman   1936   1936 Abromson
Charles Levin z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Abraham Shapiro z"l  Shapiro\'s Real Estate 1916 - 1949 Started in the Lumber business in 1910  Richard Shaw (2013)
Samuel 'Sam' Shapiro z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Samuel Singer z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Benjamin Huberman z"l   1915-1927   Sara Salzberg (2013)
     state-wide Maine
Bernard Cope z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
     United Kingdom
Mark M / Michael "Mike" MELTZER z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Mark M / Michael "Mike" MELTZER z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
real estate agent
     Greater Rockland
Isaac Berliawsky z"l   1930   1930 US Fed Census Rockland
     Lewiston Auburn area
Howard Finkelstein   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Howard Finkelstein   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Abraham Shapiro z"l   1930   1930LewistonCensus
real estate broker
     Greater Portland
Arnold Yale Brynes z"l  Mark Stimson Associates   Sherri Quint (2018)
real estate investor, Lewiston, ME
     Lewiston Auburn area
Abraham Issac Singer z"l     George Goodwin
real estate owner
Abraham Issac Singer z"l   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Harry Seamon z"l   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Beatrice Shirley Weinstein z"l  Deluxe Oceanfront Cottages   Portland Press Herald obituary
salesman - stock brokers
     Lewiston Auburn area
Myer Isaacson   1920   1920USFedCensus ED: 5 Pg: 4 Ln: 5
Myer Isaacson   1920   1920USFedCensus
salesman insurance
     Greater Portland
Morris / Maurice Tabachnick z"l   1930   1930LewistonCensus
     Lewiston Auburn area
Henry Baranow   1930   1930LewistonCensus
stock broker
     Greater Bangor
Morton W Berman z"l     sheila berman (2013)
     Greater Portland
Maurice William Gerber z"l     Stephanie Gerber Stern
     New York
Harold David Picker z"l     Fred Simonds (2019)
stockholder - dry goods store
     Greater Bangor
Harry Arnold Levenson   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor
supervisor - insurance industry
     Greater Biddeford
Helen L Robinson z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert
Tax Accountant
     state-wide Maine
James Cox  UNUM   James Cox (2017)
     Greater Portland
Herman / Hyman Bernstein   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Harry Brener  Suppler to The Atwater Kent Co 1920s &1930   Rhoda Rudman Cohen (email Oct 2013)/ 1930PortlandCityDirectory
Joseph Brenner z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Jacob Cox z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Samuel M "Sam" Elowitch z"l   1934 Tire and Gasoline station  Elowitch family tree 2004 - Samuel's obituary Portland Press Herald June 11 1934
Louis Goldstein   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Abraham Isenman z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Louis N Kamber   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Ralph / Reuben Lamport z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Abraham S / A S Levey z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Harold Rosenberg     1930PortlandCityDirectory
     Greater Waterville
Philip Rosenthal z"l  New England Waste Process Cos 1955   1955 Zelch
     Lewiston Auburn area
Alexander Cohen   1955   1955 Zelch
Earl Myron Isaacson z"l  Sharlaine Products 1955   1955 Zelch
Herbert A Miller  Max Miller & Co 1955   1955 Zelch
Sheldon Allan Nussinow z"l  American Falcon Corp 1955   1955 Zelch
Charles Polep  Polep Candy Co 1955   1955 Zelch
Samuel Singer z"l  Singer Realty co 1955   1955 Zelch
Julius Stein  Stein & Co 1955   1955 Zelch
treasurer & manager
     Greater Portland
Nellie S Cohen z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
treasurer - furniture Co
     Greater Bangor
Adolph Benjamin Friedman z"l   1930   1930 US Federal Census Bangor