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Stephen Levine's Bar Mitzvah celebration at the Elm Hotel, Lewiston

1955 - private collection

Thank you to David Cohen for the photo
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    Left to right - seated at table:  Harriet Shapiro   Joseph Cohen  Linda Lempert  ; to be identified ; Alan Creighton  Harriet Flock  ; Stephen Levine; Tanya Fogelsohn  Mark Goldberg  Joan Blatt  Irwin Shiffer  ; to be identified ;

    Left to right - Standing :   to be identified   ;     Selma Alpren ;     to be identified   ;     Gerald Rath ;       Burton Tapper ;       Paula Baker ;       Carol Widrow ;       Linda Winner ;       David Cohen ;       Stephanie Weiner ;       Rhoda Goldstein ;       Herbert Halperin ;       Morton Abromson ;       Alan Weiner ;       Vicki Kronenfeld ;  
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